Ffestiniog PDold 4

One of the larger George England locomotives, similar to Duke

Ulfstead Road Engines

To go along with his portable exhibition layout, Awdry created extra Mid Sodor Railway Engines to go with his layout. Even though some early engines were made by modifying models available at the time, the final characters are considered canon. (It should also be noted that Awdry's Skarloey Railway models were used on the layout too.)

Locomotives known to have been used on Ulfstead Road

Early Version
  • John (0-6-0 Peco James kit)
  • Jerry (0-6-0 Peco Jeanette kit)
  • Jennings (0-4-0 Peco James kit)
  • Albert* (0-6-0 Minitrains Baldwin)
  • Atlas & Alfred (0-4-0 Jouef Decauville)
  • Duke
  • Stanley
  • Not to be confused with the later Mid Sodor loco of this name.
Later Version
  • Duke
  • Albert
  • Tim
  • Jim
  • The mines engine
  • Jerry
  • Stuart
  • Falcon
  • Skarloey*
  • Rheneas*
  • Peter Sam*
  • Duncan*
  • Models built by Awdry for a proposed Skarloey Railway based layout, but used on Ulstead Road.

Basis of later locomotives

Albert is modelled after a Falcon Hughes loco in original Corris Railway condition, like Sir Handel.

Tim is based upon the GEM Vari-kit, and is freelance. He was built, by Awdry, as a generic tram locomotive.

Jim is based upon the same kit as Tim, the Gem Varikit, but modified to look like a Kerr Stuart Skylark locomotive.

The mines engine is modelled on the Jouef Decauville 0-4-0PT. This makes it possible that the locomotive was brought over from France to work on Sodor.

Jerry is based upon Peco's kit for a freelance locomotive, Jeanette which itself is based upon the Andrew Barclay locomtive "Doll".