Kirk Ronan, named after the ancient missionary, St. Ronan, is a station on the North Western Railway and previously the terminus of the Sodor and Mainland Railway. It developed from a fishing port into a town after the railway was established.

Gordon went on a trial run there after construction had been completed. Later, at the grand opening, his brakes malfunctioned and he ran through the buffers, causing major damage to both himself and the station wall. The wall was soon repaired, and, as an extra adjustment, a custom-made hole was made in the wall where Gordon crashed, named "Gordon's View", and intended as a panoramic view for Gordon.

In 1865, the Sodor and Mainland was extended to Kirk Ronan, and made plans to start operating a trampsteamer service to Dublin. This failed, but ore from Crovan's Gate was transported there for shipment.

Sailings to Dublin ran daily during 1920 to 1925, which worried the LMS, but part of an agreement with the North Western Railway in 1925 meant that the service could only operate on Tuesdays and Fridays.


  • Skarloey was unloaded from a ship at the harbour here.