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Edward the Blue Engine
  • Number:: 2
  • Original Number:: 127 and 10144
  • First Appearance:: Edward's Day Out
  • Gender:: Male
  • Stationed:: Brendam MPD.
  • Class:: Furness Railway K2 'Larger Seagull (rebuilt with enclosed cab and Fowler tender)
  • Designer:: Pettigrew
  • Configuration:: 4-4-0
  • Built at:: 1896
  • Came to Sodor:: 1915

Edward, is a mixed traffic engine who lives on the Island of Sodor. He is engine No. 2 on the North Western Railway, and works on the Brendam Branch (formerly the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway), as well as the Main Line.

Edward was one of the first locomotives to arrive on the North Western Railway


Edward was designed by Pettigrew and built by Sharp Stewart and Company in 1896 and worked on the Furness Railway before coming to Sodor in 1915 to finish the building of the North Western Railway. After his work was completed, Edward was kept in a shed, to the delight of the other engines, who claimed that he was too weak to work. Edward was eventually let out again, and proved that what he lacked in strength he made up for in work ethic.

In 1915, he helped to build the North Western Railway, a new railway that combined the Sodor & Mainland Railway, Wellsworth and Suddery Railway, and the Tidmouth, Knapford & Elsbridge Light Railway as a military backup against theats of war from Ireland. In 1915, he was helped by a tank engine called Thomas. In 1919 when the war was over, the North Western Railway was rebuilt into an fully-functioning independent railway. Edward was bought by the Fat Controller and was rebuilt with an enclosed cab and rear splasher fused with the cab and as with all tender engines acquired by the NWR, he was given a Fowler 3500 gallon tender. In 1920, he was retired from service, but when Edward felt that he was being neglected and was very bored and sad, he was allowed to come out. Sometime between 1946 and 1965, he was given control of the former Wellsworth & Suddery Railway line, that runs from Wellsworth to Brendam. He runs the line with his a diesel called BoCo. Bill and Ben also work on a privately-owned branchline that connects to Edward's line in order to export china clay from the mines owned by the Sodor China Clay Company.


Edward was the first engine to be talked about in the Railway Series, and has appeared in many books whilst getting his own book in 1954. The Television Series also gave Edward an apperance in every single season since 1984. His only known complete absence was during Thomas and the Magic Railroad, when he was under overhaul at Crovan's Gate during the events of the film.