Come Out Henry!

Come Out Henry!


Come Out Henry! is the 3rd episode of the 1st Season.  It was narrated by George Carlin.


One rainy day an engine named Henry hides in a tunnel and woulden't come out again.  The conductor blew his whistle and waves his flag but Henry just blew steam at him, then a man arrived named Sir Topham Hatt, he was the superentendent of the railway.  Sir Topham Hatt has everyone try to pull him out but he still stayes in the tunnel, then they try pushing from the other end but that doesn't work either.  Thomas then comes down the track, and he tries pushing Henry out, but still Henry stayed in the tunnel.  By now even Sir Topham Hatt has give up, Sir Topham orders a wall to be put up in front of the tunnel so he can't get out at all.  All he could do was watch the other engines go through the tunnel next to him, he was very sad because he thought no one would ever see his paint again as time went on Edward and Gordon passed by, Edward tooted hello to Henry, but Gordon laughed at Henry.  How long do you think Henry will stay in the tunnel before he overcomes his fear of the rain?